Raising awareness and fighting to drown the stigma around mental health. Mental Health Recovery On The Water

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In 2015 I stepped off a chair into a noose that should have held true. With death not wanting me and not knowing what to do. I told myself never again will that happen, and I found my voice. I knew then that death could not have me and I started my journey to help #drownthestigma and help others that were suffering.  

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How TheLBM helps

We focus on raising awareness based around the sport that saved my life, Kayaking.   We fight to #drownthestigma and help others find peace, community and a passion for life. TheLBM is mobile and apart of kayak families all over western North America.

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To help others suffering find a positive , empathetic community where we can be ourselves  with no judgement or shame of our illnesses. Adventure to mental wealth and help the ones that fight beside us and educate the ones that don't believe. Mental health awareness with recovery on the water

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